Making A Global Impact

Here at Calvary, we believe in community outreach. However, we believe in evangelizing outside of our church walls and doing our part to impact the world outside of our community as well. We achieve our goal of reaching the community both locally and globally by partnering with ministries in Brooklyn and across the world that are ministering to people hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

  1. Rachel’s Joy Maternity House – In an effort to help address social needs, we partner with Brooklyn based organizations such as Rachel’s Joy Maternity House. This organization helps young unwed mothers who need assistance. Realizing that it is not enough to just tell a young woman not to abort her child, Rachel’s Joy is committed to helping her during her time of greatest need.
  2. Anchor House, Inc. – Anchor House is a Faith-based Intensive Residential Treatment program Licensed by OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services). Located in Brooklyn, Anchor House helps men and women with substance abuse disorders return to their families as healthy, productive, and self-sufficient members of their communities empowered to reach their destiny.  
  3. New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM) – One of our core values is to grow larger through Evangelism so we support The New York School of Urban Ministry. NYSUM hosts, trains, and deploys over 5,000 youth and adults for urban ministry each year by partnering with inner city pastors and churches in New York City.  Their students learn about inner-city ministry at the grassroots through diverse, cross-cultural, “hands-on” outreaches to Muslims, Jews, the homeless, abused women, the disabled, terminally ill, and those victimized by natural disasters.
  4. Elim Fellowship – In upstate New York, Lima, we support Elim Fellowship. Their mission is to raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders to have a global impact through world missions. Elim Fellowship exists to strengthen the leader, to equip the church and, to reach the world.
  5. United Church – We partnered with Pastor Adam Martino to plant United Church in Richmond, VA and helped him and his wife Leslie in their quest to help the Richmond community find God, find community and, find purpose. 
  6. Jews for Jesus – We support organizations like Jews for Jesus who engage Jewish people with the gospel and equip them to follow Jesus and inspire others to do the same. Their staff is active internationally in 13 countries and 24 cities.
  7. Rehema Home, Nairobi – Our network expands to Africa through Rehema Home, Nairobi in Kenya. For more than 100 children, half of whom are HIV positive, Rehema Home serves as more than an orphanage but, a home. 
  8. Isaka Memorial Foundation (IMF) – Our support of the Isaka Memorial Foundation helps ensure that orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) with AIDS have access to essential services in economically depressed communities. IMF currently supports Nyamila Community Center, which is managed and run by a local committee and a paid Manager from the community. The Center is located in Siaya district which is 20 miles from Lake Victoria, near the port city of Kisumu, Nyanza province, Kenya. The services include: education, medical care, nutrition, and food security, water, sanitation and. income generating activities for economic empowerment. 
  9. World Outreach Ministries – In Asia, we partner with World Outreach Ministries to support the House of Refuge Home for Girls in India. World Outreach Ministries presently cares for 375 girls at the House of Refuge Home for Girls I and II (Orissa, India).
  10. New Hope Outreach Ministry – In the Caribbean, we support New Hope Outreach Ministry founded by Evangelist Harry Ramkissoon in Trinidad. This ministry is dedicated to meeting the needs of the underprivileged and less fortunate in Trinidad while leading them to Christ. They are currently in touch with over 550 families. As a result, many have found Christ as their Savior.

We believe that through our many partnerships, we are bridging the gap across the world.

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